The Benefits of Endodontics in Lacey, WA

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Dental Care

With so many people turning to implants when they are faced with the reality of what to do with a diseased tooth, it’s important to understand the role of endodontics and how saving a natural tooth actually has a number of benefits for the patient. While each patient is unique and will have different circumstances that they need to discuss with their dentist, understanding the benefits of endodontics will help patients make an informed decision about their care.

There’s Great Retention

When an expert in endodontics in Lacey, WA performs a root canal, there are actually great retention rates for the tooth. After eight years, most teeth that were treated with a root canal instead of being removed and replaced have a retention rate of 97-98%. This is wonderful news for people who are concerned about improving the health of their existing teeth rather than simply replacing them. Working with a skilled dentist will ensure that you get the care that you want.

Patients Prefer Root Canals

Studies have shown that patients would rather have a root canal than face an extraction and have a tooth implant made at a later time. Dentists who studied endodontics and can provide this level of care are better able to meet their patients’ needs. It’s important for all patients to fully understand any dental procedure that they are going to undergo so that they can make the best decision for their health and their future.

Taking care of your teeth involves much more than regular flossing, brushing, and trips to the dentist. Make sure that you are informed about how different procedures can benefit you and keep your teeth healthy. Get more information now so that you can be sure that you are always ready to make the best and most informed decisions about your dental health.

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