These Symptoms Require a Visit to the Family Dentistry Center in Fargo, ND

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Dentist

Most everyone knows the importance of seeing the dentist as often as recommended. This is typically two times a year or more often if certain oral health issues begin to arise. It is important individuals can recognize the signs of problems with their oral health, so they will know when they need to seek immediate treatment at the Family Dentistry Center in Fargo ND,

These Symptoms Should Never Be Ignored

One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when it comes to their oral health is neglecting seeing the dentist when oral health issues begin to arise. Most oral health conditions are treated easily when they are found in the early stages. This is why it is so important individuals see their dentist twice a year for examinations so issues can be found as early as possible. If the following symptoms are noticed, a patient needs to seek care.

  *      Changes in the gum tissue. Bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain can indicate gum disease is present. As the disease progresses, it eventually leads to pockets of infection that cause root exposure and lead to tooth loosening and loss. This disease can be managed with proper dental care at the Family Dentistry Center in Fargo ND.

  *      Tooth issues. Cavities rarely cause major pain until the decay has become advanced and led to nerve exposure. There are other signs a cavity is present, including dark or white spots on the teeth, irritation, bad breath, and tooth sensitivity. If any of these symptoms are present, a cavity has likely begun in the tooth, and it needs to be filled right away before further damage occurs.

  *      Sores. While everyone will likely get a sore on the tongue, cheek, or gums at some point in their lives, this is not always something to be concerned about unless the sore sticks around for more than a few days and grows larger. This can be a sign of oral cancer and should never be ignored.

Call For Your Appointment

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is imperative you call the office and schedule an appointment. To learn more about the dental team and the services they provide, visit website page.

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