Speaking With a Dentist in Murfreesboro TN About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Dentist

Wisdom teeth extractions are often feared. Most people have seen or heard of people experiencing mind-blowing pain during this type of procedure. However, thanks to improvements in dental surgery, extracting a wisdom tooth is much less painful than people think.

Don’t have wisdom teeth? You’re lucky

Please note that wisdom teeth do not appear in everybody (this is called agenesis). With a bit of luck, you may never experience the pain associated with having wisdom teeth. Otherwise, in your late teen years, a Dentist in Murfreesboro TN may tell you that they should be removed (for a variety of reasons).

Nature is constantly evolving and so does the human body. This is the problem with wisdom teeth: they appear when, very often, there is no place to accommodate them. There are 4 of them, two of them at the bottom and two at the top and are located at the bottom of the dental arches. They can erupt as early as 18 years and as late as 60 years. But the latter case is very rare.

Understanding why wisdom teeth grow in most, but not in others

Why do wisdom teeth grow in some people and not in others? Why do some people have one and some four? The process still baffles the smartest minds.

In any case, as far as ancestors were concerned, these third molars were indispensable for eating raw meat. However, so far, they are of no use to today’s society. With evolution, they tend to grow later and later and, sometimes, not at all. Only a Dentist in Murfreesboro TN can determine if you will have problems with yours.


As with any operation, there are risks to consider. Alveolitis, known as bone socket inflammation, can occur when any tooth is extracted. It appears a few days or even a month after the procedure. It is distinguished by pain, especially at night.

An infection can occur a few weeks after the operation. Therefore, most dentists will prescribe antibiotics before and after a procedure. An accidental injury to the mucous membrane, mainly by surgical instruments, could also occur.

A loss of tongue sensitivity could happen if the lingual nerve is hit or damaged. This disappears after a few days. Contact website for more details.

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