Smile Again with Implant Dentistry in O’Fallon MO

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Dental

For many people, the appearance of their smile is very important. Unfortunately, dental issues and injuries can cause a person to lose their teeth or need to have them removed. This can really impact the appearance of their smile. It can even have serious effects on their confidence and self-worth. Fortunately, there are options available to restore their smiles and provide them functioning teeth again. Implant Dentistry in O’Fallon MO provides services to help replace missing teeth.

Dentures and Bridges

The traditional method for replacing a lost tooth or teeth is dentures or bridges. Dentures offer patients a removable option to replace several teeth or even all of their teeth at once. Unfortunately, many patients find dentures to be uncomfortable. They can also make it difficult to eat and speak as they normally did. Bridges provide replacement teeth, often by attaching them to other teeth. Although they provide a more secure option, the attachment can damage natural teeth. None of these options prevent the jaw from deteriorating.


Implants provide a permanent option for replacing lost teeth. Patients undergo a surgical procedure to attach the implant directly to the jaw. Once the area is healed, a prosthetic tooth or teeth can be attached. Patients find this option to be more stable to allow them to eat and speak with ease. Implants, since they are attached directly to the jaw bone, prevent the jaw from deteriorating. Implant Dentistry in O’Fallon MO offers patients the ability to have natural-looking teeth without the discomfort of dentures.

Who Can Get Implants

The implant must be placed in the jaw bone. Those wishing to receive this procedure must have enough bone to support the implant. Unfortunately, when teeth have been missing for a period of time, the bone can deteriorate. This can make it impossible for the implant to be placed. Fortunately, patients who do not have enough jaw bone to support an implant may be able to get a bone graft. A bone graft allows the jaw bone to be rebuilt to allow the implant to be placed.

Having a beautiful and healthy smile is very important for confidence and overall health. The right dentist can find treatment options and provide care to restore almost any smile. Get more updates about dental procedures on their website.

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