What Services Are Performed By A Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon, IL?

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Dentist

In Illinois, oral surgery is necessary for complex conditions that affect the neck, face, or mouth. The patient’s dentist refers them to an oral surgeon when the dentist is unable to perform vital procedures. A local Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL provides a variety of procedures to correct unwanted conditions that are dangerous or diminish the patient’s confidence.

Reconstruction After Facial Injuries

After an auto accident, facial injuries must be managed quickly to prevent permanent scarring. An oral surgeon can reconstruct the facial tissue and minimize the appearance of scars. The surgery can reverse the effects of the car accident and restore the full structure of the face, mouth, or neck.

Correcting a Cleft Palate or Lip

An oral surgeon provides reconstructive surgery for common birth defects. The most common of the conditions are cleft palates and cleft lips. The defects leave an opening in the lip or inside the mouth. By performing oral surgery, the child can grow up without hindrances that cause serious issues or self-esteem issues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth present an issue according to how they erupt through the gum line. If the tooth doesn’t break through the gum line completely, a gum flap is created. A gum flap enables bacteria to become trapped under the gums and produce a serious infection. If the tooth isn’t extracted, the infection could spread to the bloodstream and produce life-threatening conditions. The procedure involves cutting the gum flap and removing the wisdom tooth.

Correcting the Effects of Jaw Surgery

Oral cancer can lead to the removal of sections of the jawbone. The results could present an almost grisly appearance and destroy the patient’s self-esteem. An oral surgeon can complete reconstruction services and replace the missing portion of the jawbone.

In Illinois, oral surgery corrects conditions such as accident injuries that affect the face directly. Birth defects are also managed by an oral surgeon. A wisdom tooth could also require surgical removal according to how it erupts through the gums. Oral surgeons perform a variety of reconstructive services including corrective procedures after oral cancer. Patients who need to schedule an appointment with an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL can Browse the Site right now.

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