Seeing Dentists in North Attleboro MA for Dental Pain

by | May 10, 2016 | Dentistry

As everyone knows, dental pain, popularly called a “toothache”, is probably the most common cause of discomfort in the facial region, and one of the problems that cause excruciating pain. Generally, the problem, which may have a multifactorial etiology, usually has a painful, intense and sharp pain, which results as a stimulus response to sweets, hot or cold foods, etc. In fact, Dentists in North Attleboro MA say that when this pain arises, it is because the problem has found a tooth root. If this is the case, the problem must be checked immediately.

The diagnosis of dental pain is performed by different methods or steps, the first of which is making the patient aware of what is going on. At this time, the dentist has to collect valuable personal data it deems appropriate to identify the source of pain, and only then can he or she determine the most appropriate treatment. Questions about pain reported by the patient and the origin of it can help the Dentists in North Attleboro MA reduce the number of possible causes.

Moreover, it is possible that taking X – rays of the affected tooth may be necessary. Thanks to this technique, each dentist can check for problems like abscesses, tooth decay or any other condition that is difficult to detect by a clinical dental examination. Following the same line, this clinical examination may include various practices and techniques, such as biting tests, percussion tests and “cold air” testing. These include using instruments that the patient should bite on, giving the doctor a chance to detect pain through gentle tapping, and the application of a small stream of cold air. These techniques will help dentists find out where the greatest sign of sensitivity is.

Once the diagnosis of dental pain is determined, the dentist must inform the patient of the situation and begin the most appropriate technique to treat his or her particular case. It is evident that, if the condition runs its course without being treated, symptoms could worsen over time. This may lead to a more serious situation. Visit Domain to learn more.

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