Routine Dental Appointments

by | May 9, 2019 | Dentist

When you have children, they require family dental care Corning NY services. It is vital to schedule routine dental appointments for toddlers so that they aren’t afraid when it is time to visit a dentist for an emergency. During a checkup, a dentist will take X-rays of your child’s mouth before performing a physical examination of the teeth. If there is a tiny cavity, then it is easy for the dentist to fill it with a color-matching resin. In addition, a dentist can clean your child’s teeth to remove any plaque that has developed along the gums.

Protective Sealants

If your child has frequent cavities in his teeth toward the back of his mouth, a family dental care Corning NY dentist can apply a protective sealant on the biting surfaces of these teeth. In many cases, these sealants will remain on the molars for 10 years or longer, preventing deep cavities. An additional way to protect your child’s teeth is by having a dentist apply fluoride. This substance will strengthen the dental enamel on the teeth to help prevent decay.

Emergency Treatments

Children can have accidents while riding a bicycle or playing sports, and if your son breaks a tooth, then you need to visit a family dental care Corning NY dentist right away. Save the piece of tooth by placing it in a damp cloth, and also, call your dentist immediately for assistance. When you arrive at the dental office, your son will receive fast care with an examination to determine if it is possible to save the damaged tooth. A dentist can often repair a tooth, using a broken piece of the enamel, but it is also possible for your child to have a root canal before a dental crown is placed over the tooth.

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