Root Canals in Lumberton, TX That Are Safe and Quick

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Dentist

It would be fair to say that when people hear about root canal treatment, they associate it with severe pain. The truth is that a root canal is actually performed on a tooth in order to stop any pain for the patient. Many people undergo this type of surgery and dental tools and techniques have now advanced to the point that the treatment can be done in one to two sessions with a fairly fast recovery time.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are done because the nerve, or pulp, in a tooth has become inflamed or infected. The reasons for this may be many but typically include bacteria having entered the inside of the tooth through a crack or tooth decay or even a blow to the tooth that hasn’t caused any visual damage. Lumberton root canals are done to save a tooth from being completely extracted and to relieve pain. Any inflamed or infected nerve in a tooth can cause severe toothache and pain and it is often necessary for a dentist to remove the nerve.

If left untreated, an inflamed or infected nerve will not only cause more pain but may also cause an abscess in the bone. In time, this may even lead to further infection and even to bacteria entering the bloodstream and causing more serious health concerns in other parts of the body. In this context, root canals in Lumberton, TX are an essential part of all modern dentistry and exist to help relieve pain and save the remaining tooth.

The Benefits of a Root Canal Treatment

During root canals, the inflamed, damaged, or infected nerve pulp is removed and the tiny area is filled with a surgical rubber-like substance. The good news is that in adults, the tooth can survive without the nerve. Once the treatment has been performed, the patient can bite and chew normally and will not experience further pain.

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