Root Canal Surgery Aftercare is Important, Find a Chicago Dental Office for Help

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Dentist

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that removes infected tooth pulp and replaces it with a protective material. It is designed to get rid of the source of infection, and as a result, related pain typically goes away. If you are going to have this dental surgery done in the near future, here is what you can expect following the treatment.

Care after the Treatment

When the root canal treatment has been done, you should know what awaits you in the following days and weeks. You should have had an initial consultation with your Chicago area endodontist. Here, they can give you a complete overview of how the procedure works and what your recovery is going to be like.

After the medication that is used to numb the area wears off, you may feel a bit of tenderness. This is normal and expected as your mouth heals. Depending on the patient, your dental professional may suggest or prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable.

Get Plenty of Rest

After the surgery, you may feel groggy or tired. You should have a friend or family member in tow to drive you home. The next few hours are crucial to your recovery. You need to rest and sleep as often as your body is telling you. Avoid unnecessary activities that can wait until your full recovery to resume.

Contact Your Endodontist

If you have any follow-up questions that you didn’t ask while in the dental office, call the practice. Any concerns or issues can immediately be addressed and taken care of quickly. Your dentist can assess if a certain problem requires you to return for a complete check-up.

After you have root canal surgery, you need to follow the recovery plan laid out by your endodontist. The downtime from the treatment is quick, and you can resume all normal activities within a few days.

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