Restoring a Beautiful Smile with Dental Implants in Las Vegas

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Dentistry

Oral restorative procedures have advanced so far over the years. Dental Implants in Las Vegas is one requested by most to replace missing teeth. When done by a skilled dentist, a full set of absent teeth can be turned into a perfected smile. Dental implants are made of strong porcelain or ceramic materials that are anchored to the tooth root. A post fuses to the tissues of the gum just like natural teeth connect to gum tissue. This is a big step up from dentures because there are no worries that the appliance breaks free from the gums. Dental Implants in Las Vegas feel like natural teeth and are cleaned and cared for the same way.

Dental Implants in Las Vegas should only be done by dentists who are experienced and have proven success with preceding patients. When boring the titanium post into the living bone of the jaw, a dentist has to stay clear of healthy jaw anatomy close by and vital nerves. Most dentists that do this procedure have surgical guides that lead them to the precise area where the appliance should be placed. The pilot hole is widened to make room for the implant screw. Gum tissue is wrapped around the implant, and special protective covering is placed over it to support the fusing process. It takes about six months for live tissue and the posts to fuse together before permanent implants are placed.

After dental implant procedures, there should be little or no discomfort. There may be some swelling in the face and gums. Prescription pain killers should help the pain subside right away. People who are conscientious about oral hygiene after implants can have healthy, fresh looking artificial teeth for several decades, but diets should be limited to softer food for a week or two after the procedure. Patients that needed stitches for the procedure might need them removed at a later date. Most dentists use dissolving stitches, though. Diligent cleaning is required during the period posts are fusing with gum tissue as well. If these personal care instructions are not followed, implants can fail. Call Desert Breeze Dental to schedule an appointment. For more details online, click here.

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