Reasons a Person Might Need an Oral Surgeon in Summit, NJ

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Dentist

There are certain oral conditions that will cause a dentist to refer their patient to an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ. These surgeons can diagnose, treat, and perform surgery for oral health conditions that require invasive interventions. Some oral surgeons are maxillofacial surgeons, meaning they can treat issues of the head, neck, jaws, face, and oral cavity. Other surgeons focus their practice on issues of the oral cavity only. This information will help people better understand the surgical procedures available from these surgeons.

• One of the most common reasons individuals seeks an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ is their wisdom teeth. Because these are the last teeth to cut through the gum tissue, there is a lot of time for things to go wrong. Sometimes, these teeth become impacted because there simply is not enough space. Some patients elect to have their wisdom teeth removed around the age of eighteen to avoid issues from arising in the future.

• When a patient is missing some natural teeth, they can see an oral surgeon for dental implants. Implants consist of three parts that are placed together to form a natural-looking, permanent tooth replacement. Surgery is needed for the initial placement of the titanium base, and then the abutment and prosthetic tooth are added to form a complete tooth-like structure.

• TMJ affects the jaw joints, causing pain and irritation. An oral surgeon can correct the joint issues that are causing the pain and stop the progression of damage. They can also prescribe oral devices that help to keep the jaw aligned during sleep, so teeth grinding does not occur as frequently.

• Those who have sleep apnea can find treatment through an oral surgeon if they have soft structures in their mouth and throat that are leading to obstructions while sleeping. These procedures can help patients to breathe easier while they are asleep, so their health is protected.

If you are in need of an oral surgeon for any of these conditions, contact Westfield Oral Surgery. They will provide you with the oral surgery solutions that will benefit the health of your smile and your entire body. Call them today for an appointment.

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