Quick Dental Bridges in South Austin TX

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Dentistry

Dental Bridges in South Austin TX are important to have in place when two or more teeth are missing. They fill the space so other teeth will not shift, the bite will remain in alignment, and prevent decay or infection in the gums. Bridges also help people eat more comfortably, smile with confidence, and speak more clearly. Traditional procedures involve at least two dentist appointments, time waiting for the bridge to be made in a dental laboratory, and a few adjustments for a perfect fit. The cost of dental appointments, the laboratory fees, and time missed from work, can add up fast.

Advanced CEREC technology for quick Dental Bridges in South Austin TX, can cut time and cost drastically. The dentist makes a digital impression of the area, and a computer-assisted dental bridge is fabricated in the office. The bridge is made of ceramic, which is a hard material that is durable and white. The bridge is fitted to the patient, and any adjustments are made immediately. This technology allows patients to get a bridge in one office visit. There is no need for a follow-up visit, there are no laboratory fees, no waiting time for the bridge to be made, and no more time away from work.

There is also no chance of error between the dentist office and a laboratory, no worries about the bridge getting lost or damaged in transit, and no extra fees for shipping or delivery. The procedure is quicker, so other teeth have no time to shift, become loose, or break. The cost is reduced significantly, and the patient can speak, eat, and smile with confidence. The technology is also used to fabricate ceramic crowns for restoration or cosmetic purposes.

Not all dentists utilize this advanced technology. There is additional training involved, and the initial investment in the system. Experienced dentists, like Anne Lyon DDS, for example, realize the impact the technology has on their patients, and make the investment in time and money. Other advances in technology, such as laser dentistry, are also available at some dentist offices. Patients can call offices or visit websites to determine which dentists offer these technologies that save time and money.

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