Procedures Performed By An Oral Surgeon In Mount Vernon, IL

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Dentistry

Illinois dental patients may require oral surgery to correct painful conditions. These conditions are often related to damaged or impacted teeth. However, select procedures could involve reconstructive surgery after an unfortunate accident. An Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL manages these requirements and eliminates the patient’s pain and discomfort.

Root Canals and Apicoectomy

Root canals are performed to address nerve pain. They are also the last resort for saving teeth that are damaged severely. During the surgery, the tooth is drilled open. The pulp and nerve are removed from the tooth, and it is cleaned. The last step is a resin filling that is injected into the tooth to seal it. Complex surgeries may require the installation of a crown over the entire tooth.
If the tooth becomes infected, an additional procedure is performed. An Apicoectomy is the surgical removal of the root tip. This surgery removes all signs of the infection, and the surgeon provides antibiotics to prevent post-surgery issues.

Bone Grafts and Dental Implants

A bone graft is installed if the jawbone isn’t strong enough to support an implant. The surgery enables the surgeon to build up the jawbone and provide adequate support. The patient must wait until the graft heals before the installation.

During the dental implant surgery, the root is installed first. The surgeon places the root into the socket in which the original tooth was extracted. The implanted tooth is installed last along with an abutment to connect it to the root.

Managing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth generate extensive pain for the patient. This condition could also lead to infections. A surgeon should remove it at the first sign that it won’t erupt correctly.

Correcting the Effects of Facial Trauma

Facial trauma could lead to dislodged teeth, broken jaws, and damaged facial bones. An oral surgeon corrects these conditions through surgery. These reconstructive techniques replace teeth and repair the damage.

Illinois dental patients undergo oral surgery for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is damaged teeth and sudden developments. Patients who wish to discuss their case with an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL should Browse the Site for more information today.

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