Prevent the Fear of Dentists With Family Dentistry in Estero FL

by | May 25, 2020 | Dentist

Many kids are scared of the dentist because of the strange area, the weird tools, the different sounds, and the fact that someone needs to take a look inside their mouth. When a child is scared of the dentist, it might not be something they outgrow, and it can lead to issues with taking care of their teeth properly when they’re an adult. The best way to combat this and to make a child’s doctor visit as comfortable as possible might be to look into a clinic that does family dentistry in Estero FL.

Part of what makes a child’s first dental visit so scary is that it’s something they’ve never experienced before, and the new sights, sounds, and smells can be overwhelming on their senses. When a parent decides to take them to a family dentist, the parent’s appointment can be done on the same day as the child’s. This means the child can watch their parent get a dental checkup and learn what to expect before they have their own checkup. As long as the parent is calm and they can learn about some of the new experiences before they get on the chair, it can help them feel more relaxed when it is their turn.

Another benefit of a family dental clinic is that the dental assistant and the dentist know how to work with kids and how to make them feel more comfortable when it’s their turn for a visit. The dental assistant or dentist might take the time to show the child the tools before they’re used, let them hear the noises before the tools are used, or answer any questions the child might have about the tools, the checkup, or even the dentist. Being able to explore a little bit and have all of their questions answered in an age-appropriate way can make a big difference in how comfortable the child is.

If you need to take your child to their first dental checkup, you can make it less scary by looking into a dental clinic that does Family Dentistry in Estero FL. Contact Aaron A. Leishman DMD, PA to learn more about how they can make your child more comfortable and make sure they have a good dental visit.

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