Preparing for Oral Surgery in Summit NJ: What to Do

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Dentist

Before having Oral Surgery in Summit NJ, it’s very important to learn both how to prepare and how to deal with the recovery period. Preparing for oral surgery is simple, as long as all of the dental care provider’s orders and instructions are followed closely. Before oral surgery, patients may have to take medication like antibiotics. The oral surgeon often instructs patients to stop smoking a few days (sometimes longer) before they have oral surgery. The other guidelines can vary, but most oral surgery patients do need to fast for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours prior to their scheduled surgery.

The Day of the Surgery

The oral surgery is much easier than many patients expect it to be. The oral surgeon will make sure that the patient is fully comfortable using anesthesia, relaxation medications, or a combination of both of them. Many oral surgery patients say that they don’t have any memory of the procedure once it’s over. In the majority of oral surgery procedures, the patient isn’t fully asleep, but they may doze in and out for the duration of the procedure. There’s no pain thanks to the medication, and the oral surgeon will monitor the medication continually throughout the surgery.

After the Surgery

After the surgery, patients stay at the oral surgeon’s office for a short period – usually only around an hour or two at most until they feel well enough to get in the car and ride home. Patients should never drive immediately after surgery, as they’ll still be disoriented and drowsy in most cases. Arrange for a friend to provide transportation both before and after the oral surgery appointment. Visit here for more details.

Once home, take all medications prescribed by the oral surgeon on the intended schedule. Eat a soft diet for as long as the oral surgeon recommends – usually at least a few days – until the socket has healed up sufficiently.

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