How to Prepare Children for a Dental Filling in Del City OK

by | Jun 16, 2017 | Dentist

Children need to be taught the importance of proper dental hygiene starting at a very early age. Regular dental check-ups are part of this lesson. However, even kids who brush their teeth everyday may find themselves needing a Dental Filling in Del City OK. If a child has never had a cavity before, they may feel frightened. There are ways to help prepare children before they get their cavity filled.

Explain the Process

Knowledge is power, and a kid who is dealing with their first cavity may feel confused and scared. Instead of sending them back to the dentist uninformed, take the time to educate the child about the situation. Visit the website can help parents explain how cavities form and why they need to be repaired. Tell the child exactly what to expect during their filling appointment. Be sure to use words they understand. It’s best to be upfront and let them know what the procedure is like. By informing the child about the strange noises and weird tools they will experience, they may become more curious and less afraid.

Share the Experience

Children want to know they are not alone. Find other people who have also experienced a cavity in the past. Let them share their story and explain how easy and painless the procedure was. If the child has questions, make sure they are all answered before their scheduled appointment.

Give the Child Power

A child who feels powerless is more likely to also be fearful. Make sure the child feels like they have control over the situation. Some parents find it helpful to turn the situation into a very important event. Before the appointment, let them choose what outfit they want to wear. If they would like to have a snack beforehand, give them the power to select it on their own. Some kids may want to bring a favorite toy or blanket to the appointment to help ease their apprehension.

While getting a Dental Filling in Del City OK is a common procedure, it may seem scary to a child. Before a child gets their first filling, make sure they fully understand the process and know what to expect. Look for other people who can share a similar experience, and give the child full control over the situation. Kids should always know that getting a filing is just a simple, routine, and pain-free way to keep their smile healthy. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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