Practitioners of General Dentistry in Trumbull CT Still Provide Dentures for Many Patients

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Dentist

With so many dentists now encouraging patients to choose implants instead of dentures, those sets of artificial teeth might be viewed more negatively than they should be. A practitioner of General Dentistry in Trumbull CT still provides dentures for many patients.

Dental Insurance, Implants and Dentures

The main reason many patients choose dentures is that most dental insurance still does not cover implants or only covers a percentage of the cost. Insurers view the devices as a cosmetic optional upgrade and would rather pay for a set of dentures, which costs significantly less. Patients may be able to have dentures fitted now by a practitioner of General Dentistry in Trumbull CT and save money for implants later.

Improvements to Dentures

Manufacturers have greatly improved dentures over the years. The devices now look very similar to natural teeth, more so than ever before. Dentists emphasize patient comfort, urging these men and women to return to the clinic for adjustments if they experience any problems.

Newer Cleaning, Soaking and Adhesive Products

New products are available to make cleaning easier and to hold the dentures securely over the gum tissue. Chewing, laughing and yawning should not make the artificial teeth come loose. It is also possible for a dentist to install a small number of implants that hold the dentures in place. Older men and women may remember their grandparents sometimes struggling with their dentures, but things have changed a great deal since then.

The Need for Replacement

Patients can expect the need for replacement after about five years due to changes in the jaw along with wear and tear on the dentures. They might try to plan for implants within that time frame, if possible. The jawbone changes gradually when there are no teeth roots to stimulate new bone growth. That means the dentures eventually do not fit as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Dentists like the one with the website are eager to help patients keep their dentures looking and feeling great. They provide complete instructions on cleaning and soaking the artificial teeth, and how to properly use adhesive. They can help patients decide which products are best.

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