What Patients Should Know About Tooth Filling In Del City, OK

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Dentist

In Oklahoma, local dentists provide real opportunities to address pain and discomfort after a cavity develops. The dentists can also address more complex damage that may occur suddenly as well. They offer local patients extraordinary services that lower the risk of tooth loss and gum disease. Among the treatments offered is a Tooth Filling in Del City OK.

Managing Sudden Cavities

Cavities can develop without much warning. They are often the result of overcrowding and the consumption of acidic or overly sweet foods and beverages. They can present serious pain and discomfort if they become larger. To address a cavity, the dentist drills away all decay and debris found. They clean the tooth and inject a composite resin filling to correct the damage.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

Fillings and dental bonding are offered to patients with damaged teeth. The services allow the dentist to reconstruct damaged teeth and correct the damage quickly. They can use the composite resin to reshape the damaged tooth and make it look better than it did before. The dentist will use a tooth colored resin to blend in with other teeth and improve the appearance.

Using Fillings in Root Canals

Fillings are often a part of root canals as well. The dentist performs the procedure when a tooth has sustained far too much damage and is causing the patient severe pain. The procedure involves the removal of the tooth nerve and pulp. Once the tooth is cleaned a filling is injected into the tooth and the tooth is sealed.

Additional Measures to Mitigate Risks

Dental crowns are often used to provide additional protection for damaged teeth. It is created in a lab to look like the natural tooth. It is fitted over the tooth after the tooth is reshaped and ground. It is glued over the tooth and secured with an abutment.

In Oklahoma, local dental patients have a variety of options to manage severe pain and tooth damage. The dentists provide services including dental fillings and bonding. The options correct damage and provide a barrier to protect the teeth. Patients that need a Tooth Filling in Del City OK can Visit the website today. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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