Newcastle Mouth Guards: Why Get Them

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Dental Care

Most kids enjoy playing sports and doing activities outside. It gets them to be more active, learn something new, and deal with losses better, so that they can be better, more stable adults.

However, most of these children do their activities without Newcastle mouth guards, which can be dangerous and lead to problems that could have been avoided. Your child is 60 percent more likely to have a dental emergency if they don’t use a guard than those who do, which means it’s a good idea to consider them for your child.

Newcastle mouth guards may not seem like an important thing, but they can prevent many situations. For example, if your child is wearing one and someone hits them in the mouth with a ball or body part, they are less likely to lose a tooth. During some contact sports, children are known to bear down, grinding their teeth and clenching the jaw. This can also lead to a variety of problems later in life, such as TMJ, over-worn teeth, and more. In some cases, a guard can also protect the tongue and lips from being bitten.

At Newcastle Dental Care, their primary concern is for their patients. If your child goes to them and also plays contact sports, they may recommend a tooth guard to prevent injury. You can discuss this option with your kids and dentist to determine if it’s right for everyone involved. They can also help with a variety of other things, including preventative care, maintenance, cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and more. The whole family can be treated at one location, which means you don’t have to rush around to different dentists to get everything done. Mouth guards are an excellent preventative measure for those who play sports or grind their teeth.

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