More Information Regarding Tooth Extractions in Hoffman Estates

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Tooth Extractions in Hoffman Estates are required almost everyday for various patients. This procedure is required for many reasons, and there are different ways to go about removing the tooth. Though patients generally feel discomfort after the procedure, during the procedure there is minimal discomfort. It may be required for the health of your mouth, and your overall well-being, but there are options.

The Procedures

There are a few options that are used for Tooth Extractions in Hoffman Estates. The first is just pulling the tooth from the area in the gum. This can be done when the tooth is not lodged into the area, and can easily be removed by force.

The second option is to remove the tooth through surgery extraction. Though the last resort, surgical removal of teeth may be required if the tooth has been impacted into the gums and jaw of the patient. This is mostly seen with wisdom teeth. However, other teeth may need to have this done to be fully removed from the patients mouth.

Whatever way the dentist chooses, pain medications and remedies will be provided to the patient, as well as a whole care plan and options for the future, depending on which teeth are being removed. The patient will always know what is going to happen before, during and after the tooth extraction in Hoffman Estates.

Your Options

When patients have their teeth extracted, they sometimes feel that they will not be able to regain their lives again, or smile as they normally would. However, if the teeth being extracted are in the front of the mouth, partial dentures and dental implants are both offered to cover up and fill those gaps. Both of these options allow the patient to feel more confident when they smile, but also offer a way for the patient to have their old smile back, without the gaps.

Speak with the Schumer Family Dental Care Dentists for more information on tooth extractions and your options. They offer oral & maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, wisdom teeth removal & tooth extractions in the Hoffman Estates area.

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