Make Your Florida Dental Practice a Success By Using the Right Tools

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Dental Care

Using the correct tools for a job will save time and money and ensure that the job is done right at once. It will also eliminate much frustration for the person who is carrying out the job. Knowing which dental burrs are available on the market and when to use them is essential for the success of your dental practice.

One common reason a person will visit a dentist is to have a cavity filled. Carbide burrs are most often aids for preparing cavities for fillings. They are also used to remove old fillings and shape bone. They do not have the same vibration and chatter that other types of burrs experience. Carbide burs leave a smoother surface when compared to burs made of a different material.

Diamond burrs are typically used for cutting through porcelain and polishing the teeth. When extreme precision is needed to perform dental work, diamond burrs are usually the way to go. They allow quick and smooth cutting.

If a patient has acrylic pieces in their mouth, ceramic burrs are most likely to be used. They do not conduct the same amount of heat as burrs that are made from other materials. A neater cut with a ceramic burr is also a good option for adjusting thermoplastics. Steel burrs are often used to remove dentin and prevent cavities.

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