Information About Dental Implants in Gurnee

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Dentist

Dental Implants in Gurnee is an artificial tooth root. The dental implant takes the place of the tooth or bridge. Dental implants are for someone who has tooth loss due to an injury, gum disease, or various other reasons.

Dental Implants are a solution to tooth loss. The implant is not visible because it is actually in place of a root. The dental implants are a permanent solution, so they are surgically placed into the jaw bone. The actual implant is made of titanium, which is a long-lasting metal that is durable and lightweight. Titanium is compatible with the body and is used for orthopedic implants also.

Before receiving dental implants in Gurnee, you will need to choose the appropriate dentist. For example, Excellence in Dentistry, LTD would be a great selection. After the selection of a dentist, you will begin with preoperative care. You will receive an x-ray to determine exactly where the implant will be placed and for exact measurements. There is no other preoperative care because receiving an implant is a minor procedure.

During the surgery, you will be put under a local anesthetic. A hole is made in the bone to prep for the implant. Flaps are created in the gum to create the visualization of the bone and to identify the shape and location. After the hole is made, a guide is placed to provide accuracy when inserting the implant. After the guide has been placed, the implant is fused to the jaw bone. When fusing the implant to the jaw bone, it is ensuring that the implant is going to hold. After the implant has been fused and the gum has been stitched back together, x-rays are taken to make sure the implant is in the correct position.

After surgery, you should be very careful with your oral hygiene. The area of the implant will be sore, so you should stick to eating soft foods until your mouth has healed fully. The dentist will prescribe anti-inflammatory and a prescription for pain. Your dentist will provide you with more post-operative care and a plan to follow at home.

Let’s face it: no one wants to drive around town to different dentist offices for each family member. If you want a total smile makeover or just simple teeth whitening in Gurnee, Excellence In Dentistry, LTD are your one-stop dental office. A dental practice is only as good as it treats its customers. For an appointment, visit their website or contact them today.

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