How To Sell A Dental Practice In Arizona

by | May 4, 2018 | Dentist

In Arizona, existing dental practice owners must review steps for selling their property properly. The sale involves the creation of a sales contract that defines any contingencies outlined by the buyer or seller. All conditions of the sales contract must be met before the property transaction closes. A local broker assists dental professionals and explains how to sell a dental practice in Arizona.

Identifying Issues Quickly

The first step when preparing to sell a dental practice is to schedule a full inspection. The complete assessment helps the owner identify any issues that could affect the sale. All issues discovered are repaired according to building codes.

What is Included in the Sale?

The owner must review all equipment and assets they wish to include in the sale. Typically, sellers that are moving out of the area include all their existing equipment and furnishings. They may add the existing patient roster to the sales contract and add clauses to protect the current staff. All details about the sale and the wishes of the seller are included in the sales contract for buyers to review.

Marketing the Practice

The brokerage that sells the practice follows specific marketing strategies when advertising the property. The purpose is to place the practice in front of investors and hopeful dental professionals who want to take the next step in their careers. The campaigns are added to different venues where prospective buyers search for properties. The brokers also present the property to buyers who contact them directly.

Staging the Practice for Prospective Buyers

The staging process involves the creation of an inviting atmosphere. The property is cleaned thoroughly, and furnishings are arranged to become more attractive to buyers. The patient rooms are cleaned and staged to present an appealing design for prospective dental practice buyers.

In Arizona, existing dental practice owners need to assess their options when selling a practice. The sale requires the owner to make certain selections that are added to the sales contract. The selections relate to assets that are included in the sale and what conditions must be met. Dental professionals that are ready to sell a dental practice in Arizona are encouraged to contact website.

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