How to Prepare Your Child to Visit the Pediatric Dentistry in Palos Height

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Pediatric Dentistry

It is not uncommon for your child to be nervous before their dentist appointment. There are many children who are afraid to visit the dentist, and your child needs you to help them through it. Use the following tips to prepare your child to visit their pediatric dentistry in Palos Heights.

Acknowledge Their Feelings

When discussing the appointment with your child, you need to listen and acknowledge their feelings. You also need to reassure them that everything will be okay. Remind your child that their dentist is going to check their teeth to ensure they are healthy and strong.

Bring a Comfort Item

A comforting item can go a long way when your child is nervous about their appointment. Let your child bring their favorite doll, action figure, or stuffed animal, or they can bring a sweatshirt or small blanket that makes them feel safe. If possible, your child may hold on to their comfort item or keep it by their side during the appointment.

Keep Them Occupied

Whether your child is nervous or restless, it is best to keep them occupied while they wait for their appointment. There are plenty of ways to keep your child occupied, such as reading a book, playing “I-Spy,” or watching a show on their tablet. Be sure to use indoor voices and headphones as needed.

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