How Does the Dentist Perform Teeth Whitening in Kona?

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Dentist

When a person is unhappy with the appearance of their smile, staining is often to blame. Tooth stains can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance so they do all they can to avoid showing their teeth. Tooth staining naturally occurs as person ages. As people grow older, their teeth become more porous, so they end up with more staining. Tooth stains can become more pronounced if people smoke, or drink large amounts of coffee, soda, or red wine. Thankfully, the dentist offers treatments for Teeth Whitening in Kona so people can be rid of their tooth stains for a more attractive smile.

People who are considering Teeth Whitening in Kona should plan on scheduling a consultation appointment with a dentist. The dentist will need to carefully examine the person’s teeth and gums to make sure their oral health is ideal for the treatment. Those with gum disease, infections, or decay will need to have these issues taken care of before they seek whitening treatments.

If a person is deemed a good candidate, they will have the treatment carried out in the dental office. The treatment needs to be carried out on clean teeth, so plaque and food particles do not stand in the way of the whitening solution being able to penetrate the teeth. The solution must be able to penetrate into the dentin to ensure all of the stains are removed.

The solution for removing stains is primarily made up of hydrogen peroxide. This whitener is the same as the solution many people have in their medicine cabinet though it is much stronger than the average person can purchase. This whitener can remove all types of stains, except those caused by medication. In some cases, a person will need to go through a couple of different treatments before they are able to get the results they want.

Those who are tired of a dull and stained smile should visit us website to learn more about teeth whitening. Call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. so they can schedule a consultation appointment. With teeth whitening, people can love the look of their smile.

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