Get Your Bite Back with Dentures in Tacoma WA

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Dentist

Losing teeth can be a difficult, painful, and embarrassing experience. It can also make it difficult to eat, which is problematic for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it does happen to a number of people, often the elderly, but certainly not limited to that particular age group. Tooth loss can be caused by a number of things, from poor dental hygiene to diseases of the gums. Luckily for those who find themselves in this situation, a call to their dentist can yield fantastic results in the form of a set of false teeth, typically referred to as dentures.

Every pair of dentures are custom made for the individual who needs them. A mold is cast from the patient’s mouth, though this mold needs to be very precise so as to fit correctly once cast in to the actual dentures. Once the mold is prepared, the dentures in Tacoma WA are made from either plastic or a high quality acrylic resin. Alternately, a patient can be fitted with something that is referred to as immediate dentures. These are given to the patient immediately so that they may have the use of teeth right away, rather than wait for their cast set to be finished. With immediate dentures, it may sometimes be necessary to have adjustments made to them after a few weeks, depending on any changes that may have taken place with the gums, thus altering the fit.

Dentures are typically very durable and should last for several years, though at some point will need to be adjusted or repaired, or in some cases replaced, generally due to normal usage. When you first begin wearing your dentures, you may find it somewhat difficult to do normal things, such as eating or speaking. Over time, you will adjust to the differences.

Your dentist should instruct you on proper usage and care of your dentures. You will need an adhesive to hold them in place in your mouth, and you will need a cleaning solution designed especially for dentures to soak them in when you’re not wearing them. You can buy a special cup designed just for this purpose. It’s important to always keep your dentures clean. Along with soaking them when not in use, you should also brush them like you would real teeth. There are soft bristled brushes designed specifically for this. Avoid a regular toothbrush as the bristles could be too rough for the surface of the dentures.

Dentures should be handled with much care, as dropping them or bumping them in to something could potentially cause damage. Try to handle them wrapped in a towel or other type of soft cloth while carrying them. Finally, while it seems like a rather drastic life change to make and adjust to, you will eventually get used to your dentures and begin to feel happy again about your teeth. Contact Soundview Denture Clinic today!

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