Five Reasons For Emergency Dental Service

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Dental Care

When you have dental problems, it can become painful and stressful. Certain situations make it necessary to seek immediate attention from a dentist. Consider five reasons for Emergency Dental Service and why people need to have a local dentist who provides it.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

There are various reasons why someone might have a broken or chipped tooth. One reason is dental decay that leads to a break in the tooth. Another is getting injured from a fall, playing sports, or other circumstances. A broken or chipped tooth can be painful and leave the patient vulnerable to developing an infection. Plus, a broken tooth could be lost if the patient does not seek immediate treatment. A patient can take over-the-counter pain medication for instant relief as they head to the dentist for an emergency checkup.

Swelling and Infection

Unattended root canal work, dental decay, or periodontal disease can lead to serious infections. Sometimes these infections cause extreme swelling and pain. The infectious areas can be sore and impossible to touch. If a patient has serious swelling, it is important to seek Emergency Dental Service to avoid other health issues.

Painful Tooth

Sometimes a toothache can be treated overnight with over-the-counter pain medications. In other instances, it can be impossible to manage. If a person has a toothache that makes it impossible to think, sleep or focus, it is necessary to get emergency service from a local dentist who can help diagnose the problem and eliminate the pain.

Loss of a Crown

Typically, crowns last for years to come. But certain conditions can cause a crown to get loose, such as biting into something hard or a blow to the mouth. If the area is painful, the patient might require emergency attention from a dentist.

Excessive Bleeding

When people brush and floss, they might experience minor bleeding. But when the gum tissue or a tooth bleeds excessively and will not stop, it is wise to see a dentist right away to help stop the bleeding.

Ongoing dental exams and treatment can reduce the risk of these types of emergencies. Visit Website Domain to learn more about dental care options and how to contact a dental professional during an emergency. You can also follow them on Google+ page.

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