Factors Affecting Tooth Extraction Cost in Camas, WA

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Dental Care

A tooth extraction should never be the go-to solution for solving dental problems, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. When this is the case, patients are often concerned about how much they must pay to have the damaged or infected tooth removed.

It’s difficult to obtain an exact figure for Tooth Extraction Cost in Camas WA since there are many factors that impact how much dentists charge for this service. Read on to find out what factors influence how much patients should expect to pay for the extraction.

Tooth Location

It’s easier to remove teeth in the front of patients’ mouths. They’re easier to access and their roots are smaller, so dentists don’t have to spend as much time or use as many specialized tools to perform the extractions. Wisdom teeth are the most difficult and costly to extract, but having molars removed can also be comparatively expensive.

What’s Included

The dentist will need to perform an exam and take x-rays prior to extracting a tooth. Some patients will also need alternative forms of numbing medicine like general anesthesia instead of a local anesthetic, and others will need stitches after their teeth have been removed. These extras will increase their Tooth Extraction Cost in Camas WA.

Potential Barriers

Impacted teeth sometimes pose barriers to extraction, which can also affect the cost of the procedure. Soft tissue impacted teeth cost less to remove than full-bony or partial-bony impacted teeth, for example. Extracting cracked or shattered teeth can also cost more.

Necessary Aftercare

If the patient presents an infection risk, he or she will need antibiotics. Many patients receive prescriptions for painkillers to increase their comfort following wisdom tooth extraction. These prescriptions can increase the cost of tooth extraction by as much as several hundred dollars.

Level of Urgency

If patients need their teeth extracted immediately, they must go to emergency dentists. This will up their costs significantly. It’s cheaper to make an appointment at a regular dentist in advance.

Insurance Coverage

Practices like Lewis Family Dentistry accept all major insurance plans. Most dental insurance covers at least part of the cost of extractions, which can substantially lessen the financial burden on patients. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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