Exploring the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry in Vancouver

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Dentist

The human smile is one of the most valuable physical attributes a person has. But the benefit of having healthy teeth goes way beyond how a person looks. When a person’s teeth get damaged, it can have serious impacts on their health. Restorative dentistry is a practice that focuses on replacing or repairing damaged teeth. Not only does a restorative dentist in Vancouver help a person have a perfect smile, but they can also provide several functional benefits in their life.

For example, a restorative dentist in Vancouver can help a person improve their chewing function. The act of chewing, although it seems simple, is complex. It’s a balancing act that requires your tongue, teeth, and jaw to coordinate together, ensuring that food is properly ground and crushed before you digest it. If food is not properly chewed, a person might choke or have digestive problems. If there are missing teeth or tooth pain on one side of the jaw, this can lead to impaired chewing function, and it could even impair a person’s speech.

Another benefit of restorative dentistry is a reduction in jaw discomfort. When a person’s teeth are misaligned, it can lead to a number of oral health problems. This can include jaw pain, muscle stiffness, teeth clicking, and unintentional biting of one’s gums or tongue. It can lead to reoccurring headaches and trouble trying to sleep.

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