The Dentists in Ocala Will Help You Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Dentist

Dealing with dental anxiety can be challenging to deal with. Often, individuals suffering from a high level of stress are unable to seek the dental services they are in need of so their oral health suffers. Thankfully, the dentists in Ocala offer treatment options to help people overcome their dental anxiety so they can feel confident and comfortable seeking the dental services they are in need of for their oral health.

How Does the Dentist Help?

The dentists in Ocala will first need to meet their patient and talk with them about the type and level of anxiety they suffer from. Often, people experience dental fear because they had a bad dental experience as a child. There are four different levels of intervention dentists can use to help their patients feel comfortable while having their dental treatments carried out. The following information will help people to understand their treatment options better so they can feel confident seeking help from their dentist.

  *    Minimal sedation is often used for minor treatments such as teeth cleanings. This level of sedation can also be used for patients who only suffer a small degree of dental anxiety. Most of the time, this is given in oral form or through gas, depending on the unique needs of the patient. With minimal sedation, the patient feels relaxed but is entirely awake during their procedure.

  *    Moderate sedation is a little stronger than minimal and makes a patient sleepy. This level of sedation makes a person groggy, and they may slur their words. Most people who are under moderate sedation are still aware of what is going on, but they are deeply relaxed.

  *    Deep sedation makes a patient fall asleep, but they can easily be awoken if necessary. Most patients who are under deep sedation are not fully aware of what is going on and do not remember much about their procedure after.

  *    General anesthesia involves a patient being entirely put to sleep during their entire dental procedure, so they are not aware of anything that takes place. This type of sedation is typically reserved for severe anxiety or major dental procedures.

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