Dental Implants In Nassau County NY Can Restore Your Smile

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Dentist

Missing teeth can affect an individual’s self-esteem and their entire body. Missing a tooth affect an individual’s speech, chewing food, and cause headaches, jaw pain, and much more. The remaining teeth can rely on more, and they can wear out.

An individual’s jaw bone will quickly deteriorate after a tooth is lost. In the first year after a tooth is lost, 25% of an individual’s jaw bone structure will be lost. Dental implants in Nassau County, NY should be performed as quickly as possible to maintain the bone structure in the jaw.

Successful Dental Implant Candidates

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth or is wearing dentures could be a candidate for a dental implant. Individuals who smoke, have diabetes, or radiation therapy to the area do not have very high success rates. An individual will have to have X-rays performed to determine if any other tests or procedures will need to be performed.

Permanent Dental Implants

A dental implant is the best choice for many individuals because it provides a permanent solution for a missing tooth. A titanium post fuses to the jaw bone and provides the strength of a tooth root. A crown will be attached to the titanium post after healing has occurred.

Holding Dentures In Place

Dental Implants in Nassau County, NY can help to hold dentures in place instead of using adhesive gels. Keeping dentures in place can eliminate gum irritation or embarrassing situations when the dentures slip while speaking.

Why Are Dental Implants Are The Best Choice?

A dental implant stands alone in the gum and doesn’t sacrifice the structure of the surrounding teeth as a bridge will. Dental implants do not have to be removed at night like dentures or partials. A dental implant will look and function like a natural tooth and can be brushed and flossed exactly the same as the other teeth.

When an individual is missing a tooth or several teeth, it can completely disrupt the function of their mouth. Their facial structure can be affected, and they can feel uncomfortable smiling or laughing in front of other people. If you’re interested in improving your smile, contact Business Name for more information.

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