Deciding When to Seek Emergency Dental Care in Austin, TX

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Dentist

It’s always handy to have information in an easily accessible place in case it becomes necessary to seek emergency care for an injury. Not everyone remembers to find the nearest location for Emergency Dental Care Kettering has to offer, but this can be very important. While many dental problems, such as cavities and sore teeth, can wait until normal business hours, some require immediate treatment.

Knocked Out Teeth

It’s one thing to lose a baby tooth due to a new tooth growing in, but if a childhood accident should cause a tooth to be knocked out when it wasn’t ready to come out, it may be necessary to seek out one of the providers of Emergency Dental Care Austin TX has available. Don’t touch the root of the tooth, but gently rinse off any dirt. If it can be placed back into the tooth socket to help keep it from drying out, this is best, but otherwise, wrap it in a clean bit of cloth and soak it in milk until it can be brought to the emergency dental appointment, as it may be possible to get it to reattach to the bone.

Cracked Teeth

In some cases, an accident can cause the tooth to break or crack but not fall out. This is also a good time to seek out emergency care. While a minor crack may be able to be left alone to heal, a more severe crack may need to have a filling to restore it or, in case of severe damage, it may need to repaired with a crown or may even need to have the tooth removed. The dentist will have to examine the tooth to determine just what treatment would be best.

Other Situations

When the cheek, tongue or lips are damaged, it may be necessary to go to an emergency room or urgent care location. In cases where a tooth is knocked out of its proper place but not knocked out of the mouth, a dentist may be able to reposition the tooth back to where it belongs. A person can try to lightly push it back into place and then bite down to keep it from moving until they can make it to the emergency dentist for treatment.

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