Considering the Issue of Staff Retention When Buying a Clinic From Dental Practice Brokers in San Diego

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Dentist

When a solo practicing dentist decides to retire or move, the practitioner might sell his or her clinic through dental practice brokers in San Diego. The dentist should let the staff members know about this far enough ahead of time so they can make their own decisions about what to do next. The staff members may hope to stay on with the new practitioner or know of a different clinic where they’d like to work.

There’s no guarantee that the new dentist will ask any of the current staff to continue working there. Some clinic buyers prefer to begin with an entirely new staff, being concerned that the other dentist’s employees will have certain expectations about how the place is run. If the new owner is from the area, he or she may already have some people to bring on as new dental assistants, hygienists, and office personnel.

Distinct Advantages

However, dentists buying a clinic through dental practice brokers in San Diego typically do want to retain as many employees as possible. There are distinct advantages to doing so.

  • Patient Retention. The new dentist wants to keep as much of the client base as possible, and many of those patients are very satisfied with the hygienists at this clinic. They appreciate seeing a familiar face at the front desk when they arrive. If a trusted hygienist moves to a different clinic in the city, some patients may very well follow as long as they also trust that dentist.
  • A Smooth Transition. Since the employees are already completely knowledgeable about the clinic and have provided service to many of the patients, they’ll keep everything running smoothly during the transition. The new practitioner won’t have to worry about advertising for help and instead can concentrate on the new business.

Research indicates that the hygienists, as well as the receptionists and other front desk staff, are most important for patient retention when buying a clinic through a brokerage such as Western Practice Sales. Patients usually don’t get to know the dental assistants as well, since they mainly are in charge of taking X-rays and helping out during infrequent cavity filling and other treatments. Visit the website to read about this particular brokerage.

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