Common Procedures Performed At A Dental Clinic In Elizabeth, NJ

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Dentistry

When families schedule an appointment at a Dental Clinic in Elizabeth NJ, it’s important to receive complete dental care at the same location. This saves time and the frustration of having to visit multiple facilities for dental services for all family members. Read the information below to learn about some of the most common dental procedures performed by a pediatric and general dentist.

Teeth Cleanings

It’s very important for both children and adults to schedule regular teeth cleanings at a dental clinic in Elizabeth. A dental hygienist cleans the plaque and the tartar build up from the teeth to keep cavities from forming and gum disease from occurring. Plaque that isn’t removed from the teeth will eventually become hard, and then it turns into tartar. When tartar, which is also commonly referred to as calculus, isn’t removed, it prevents proper cleaning of the teeth.

White Fillings

It’s not uncommon for individuals of every age to get cavities in their teeth. As soon as tooth decay is discovered, a dentist must place a filling in the tooth. Today, white fillings are popular with children and adults because the filling material matches the natural hue of the teeth. When this type of material is used at a Dental Clinic in Elizabeth NJ, the filling is completely unnoticeable.

Checkups and X-rays

Dental checkups are also necessary for every person in the family because during an exam a dentist can find any tooth problems that may exist. This often includes cavities, misaligned teeth, broken teeth, and gum disease. To prevent further issues with the teeth or gums, it’s essential to catch any tooth problems as quickly as possible. X-rays are also important because they allow the dentist the ability to see the portion of the teeth that’s underneath the gum line. This is especially helpful to determine the alignment of the permanent teeth in a child before they begin to erupt. X-rays also show the position of impacted teeth and abscesses that are starting to form in the teeth.

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