Childrens Dentistry Can Help With Toothaches

by | Oct 4, 2021 | Dentistry

Inevitably, at one point or another, a child will end up with a toothache. Thankfully, this is not always a sign there is a cavity or an injury. Toothaches can occur when a child is beginning to lose a baby tooth. As the roots begin to dissolve, a child can begin to feel some minor discomfort, especially when they are chewing. Regrettably, there are times when tooth pain does not go away and is a sign there are problems with a tooth. It is important for parents to be able to recognize the signs of issues so they will know when their child’s toothache requires the care of child dentistry near Yorba Linda.

Tooth pain that is accompanied by other signs of cavities should prompt a parent to schedule an appointment with childrens dentist near Yorba Linda. The signs of a cavity include white or dark spots on the teeth, pain, swelling in the gum tissue, trouble eating comfortably, foul breath, and tooth damage. It is important cavities are found as early as possible so they can be treated.

Treatment for a cavity involves removing the decayed tooth tissue so the tooth can be filled. This typically needs to be done even if the tooth will fall out soon since the decay can spread to other teeth and the child’s awaiting adult tooth. A filling can help to stop the pain the tooth was causing and keep it stable and strong so it does not become damaged when the child is eating or biting down.

Another cause of tooth pain can be an infection. Abscesses in the teeth can occur in adults and children alike. This causes pronounced swelling and redness in the gums. The child may have foul breath and may have pus drainage. When a tooth infection becomes severe, the child can also run a fever. A dentist can treat the infection and help to prevent the loss of the tooth.

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