Cavity Treatment Does Not Have to Be Unsightly With the Dentist in Victorville

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Dental

In the past, one of the only forms of treatment for cavities was amalgam fillings. While these were effective in preventing further damage and pain, they looked unsightly. Although these fillings are still being used today, more and more dentists prefer to use composite fillings. These fillings blend in well with the tooth so the smile appearance is not affected. Seeing the Dentist in Victorville can start the process and help a person to keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

When a patient comes to see the Dentist in Victorville, they will have their teeth carefully examined. An examination and X-rays can allow a dentist to determine how severe the decay has become. It is vital the dentist is able to determine how bad the damage is so they will know which method of treatment will be the most beneficial to stopping the ongoing damage and pain.

Once the dentist has determined how much damage is present, they will begin treatment. The treatment for any type of cavity involves removing the decayed areas. If decay is not removed, it will continue to degrade the health of the tooth. Decay can also spread to surrounding teeth and cause massive damage. To remove the damage, the dentist will use special tools that can carefully remove damaged tooth tissue while avoiding damage to healthy tissue.

A composite filling will then be put in place to ensure the tooth is fully protected. Composite fillings are comprised of a mixture of glass and plastic. They are shaded to be a close match to the tooth color so they blend in perfectly without being obvious. This means the filling can be placed on any tooth, even in the front of the smile, without showing an ugly gray or silver.

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