Why Buying a Clinic Through Dental Practice Sales in Nevada Is a Savvy Move

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Dentist

A young dentist who is ready to stop working for an experienced practitioner or partnership and start his or her own business may choose to buy an established clinic. Dental practice sales in Nevada are appealing because the dentist does not have to start from scratch, so to speak.

Having an Established Space and Staff Members

There is already a standalone clinic or a rented space, along with staff members and a patient base. The staff members may choose to stay, and many of the patients will as well, instead of seeking out a different clinic.

Having an Established Website

Another advantage of dental practice sales in Nevada is that the clinic probably already has a website, and may have a digital marketing plan in place. The new owner can have the webmaster make the appropriate changes to the site, including an introduction to the practitioner with information about experience, education and background. There is no downtime in having to find the right website designer and wait for the site to launch.

Contacting the Patients or Not?

The new owner may want to be straightforward about why the previous owner sold the clinic, as long as this seems advisable. Often, a sale occurs because the practitioner retires or moves to an entirely different region. That dentist may be willing to provide a personal note on the site introducing the new owner; if possible, emails and notices through the postal service could be sent as well. All of these actions are reassuring to patients.

If the dentist has only moved to a nearby town, however, the new owner may not want to notify everybody about this. Numerous patients may be willing to make the drive to keep seeing the same practitioner.

Beginning With a Full Schedule

After buying a clinic through a business such as Western Practice Sales, the new solo owner will enjoy a full schedule right from the start. Some patients may cancel their appointments if they are unsure about this unfamiliar individual, but many will trust that they are still in good hands. If the dental hygienists, assistants and receptionists stay on, that is also reassuring.

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