Brighten Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Dentist

It is important that you keep your smile looking healthy and brighter than ever. Not only does it indicate that you have great oral health, but it also makes you look and feel happier. When your teeth are healthy but stained or damaged, it can put a damper on your smile. There is no reason to hide your smile when you can visit a dentist in Waikoloa and discuss having porcelain veneers applied. Veneers are slim and attractive porcelain covers designed to fix blemishes on the front of teeth. Just like onlays and inlays, veneers are created by professional dental laboratories and then applied by your dentist. They are a great alternative for damaged teeth instead of crowns that can totally reshape your smile and teeth while treating a plethora of dental conditions.

Veneers Can Fix the Following Dental Issues:

* Misshapen Teeth
* Crooked Teeth
* Severely Discolored Teeth
* Stained Teeth
* Adjust Teeth that Are too Small or Large
* Create White, Uniform Teeth
* Correct Uneven or Unwanted Spaces
* Fix Chipped or Worn Teeth

What to Expect When You Have Veneers Installed

When you are having veneers installed it all starts with taking an impression of your teeth during your first visit. Then a color is selected so your veneers will perfectly match the rest of your teeth. The second visit starts with having your teeth cleaned then bonding cement is placed between your tooth and veneer. A special light beam is used to harden and set the bond. The entire process is a gentle procedure that allows you to correct your smile with beautifully fitting veneers. Once you have veneers in place, you can start to laugh and smile without feeling the need to hide your teeth. Damaged teeth are not always unhealthy, and veneers allow you to hide the damage, so you have a beautiful smile again.

Veneers Are Quality Dental Restorations

While veneers are quality dental restorations that can make your teeth look clean and healthy, they may someday need to be replaced. Your dentist can perform a restoration to older veneers and replace them with new veneers so your beautiful smile will last even longer. The procedure is fairly simple and can be accomplished with little disturbance to your schedule. If you are considering having veneers put on your teeth, it’s time to make an appointment with a local dentist. You can Contact Business Name and discuss your options for quality dental care in a soothing and relaxed environment.

Business Name. is a kind and compassionate dentist in Waikoloa ready to install veneers for patients that need them. Contact his office today to schedule an appointment.

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