The Benefits of Partial Dentures in California, MD

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Dental Care

Missing or failing teeth can be hazardous to a person’s health. Numerous complications arise when one or more teeth are not functioning as intended. Fortunately, partial dentures in California MD are of great help in preventing these issues and restoring the person’s smile and oral health.

Less Invasive

Dentures require the removal of all teeth in the jaw. When a partial denture is selected, the procedure is less invasive. Furthermore, choosing a partial denture reduces the cost of treatment while still replacing the missing or failing teeth.

Improved Speech and Diet

When failing or missing teeth are replaced with a partial denture, the speech of the person improves. They are able to properly form certain letters and sounds once again. In addition, the individual is able to eat any food they choose, which helps to improve their diet. The partial dentures are comfortable also, so the person can chew without worrying about pain.

Improved Oral Health

Missing or failing teeth leave the gums and tissues of the mouth exposed. Food particles may become trapped in failing teeth. Both allow the growth of bacteria and this contributes to gum disease. Untreated gum disease increases the risk of the loss of additional teeth. Not only does the partial denture prevent this from happening any additional teeth may be added to the denture if needed in the future.

Improved Appearance

Missing or failing teeth detract from a person’s appearance. With the help of a partial denture, the natural smile can be restored. Furthermore, when one or more teeth are missing, gaps may develop in the smile as the other teeth shift to fill the gap. The partial denture prevents this shift from happening. Finally, missing teeth can lead to the cheeks sinking into the face. The denture likewise stops this from happening.

If you are considering partial dentures in California MD to correct one or more dental issues, contact the office of Louis B. Sachs, D.D.S. (website domain). Dr. Sachs has been treating patients in the area since 1991 and can handle simple and complex cases alike. The dental practice offers comprehensive care in a friendly environment. Make an appointment today to begin your treatment. You will be thrilled when you see how good your smile can look.

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