Benefits Of Regular Visits To The Family Dentist In Oyster Bay NY

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Dentist

Most people hate going to the dentist. It takes time of out their busy schedules every six months, and it is not the most comfortable half hour of anyone’s life. Before an individual decides to avoid going to their Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY, they should know how important regular dental visits are. There are several benefits of seeing the dentist every six months.

Prevents Gum Disease

As plaque builds up on the teeth and around the gums, it can result in gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. The plaque can contain bacteria that can cause swelling and irritation of the gums. When a person gets a regular dental cleaning, the plaque that can cause periodontal disease is scraped and cleaned.

Brighter, Whiter Smile

Over time, the teeth can begin to yellow. Also, red wine, coffee, tea, and smoking cigarettes can cause stains on the teeth. There are also certain medications that cause the teeth to become discolored. When a person visits the dentist every six months, they will have a bright, white smile. If the stains are very stubborn, an individual can get a teeth whitening treatment.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. When the plaque on the teeth is not effectively cleaned, it can move into the roots of the teeth, resulting in tooth loss. When an individual has their teeth cleaned regularly, the chance of tooth loss is much lower.

Prevents Bad Breath

Gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and food lodged in hard to reach areas can cause bad breath, also known as halitosis. When an individual has their teeth cleaned regularly, they can ensure that they won’t have bad breath.

Maintain Good Overall Health

Studies have shown that individuals who have gum disease have a higher chance of having a heart attack or a stroke. When an individual has their teeth cleaned regularly, they improve their overall health. There are many benefits of regular visits to the Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY.

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