The Benefits of Lumineers in Baltimore City

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Dentist

While most people are familiar with veneers and how they can help to mask dental problems and improve the appearance of a person’s smile, many people are unaware of the benefits of lumineers and what advantages they offer over traditional veneers. Understanding the benefits of this cosmetic dental option is a wonderful way to make sure that you make the right choice to improve the appearance of your smile and your self-confidence and that you understand any risks that you’ll be undertaking.

They’re Thinner

One of the main benefits that you will enjoy when you have lumineers in Baltimore City is that they are significantly thinner than other veneers. This means that light can shine through them which will provide you with a luminous quality to your teeth that appears very natural. Because traditional veneers are thicker, this prevents light from shining through them and will result in a duller and more artificial looking smile.

You Can Keep Your Enamel

Another major problem that people experience when having veneers put onto their teeth is that some of the enamel of their teeth needs to be removed in for the veneer to fit correctly. Lumineers are thin enough that they can fit on top of the tooth without requiring the dentist to remove the tooth enamel. This not only means that the tooth will not be damaged, but also that the lumineers can be removed at a later time, if desired.

Talking to your dentist is the best way to find out whether or not this cosmetic treatment is right for you and whether it will improve your self-confidence and the appearance of your smile. Check here to learn more about this type of treatment and to make an appointment with a cosmetic professional who can ensure that you are finally happy with the appearance of your teeth without causing you to deal with an artificial looking or uncomfortable smile.

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