Affordable Emergency Dental Care in Hamilton, NJ

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Dentist

The need for emergency dental care in Hamilton, NJ is caused by many incidents. A filling comes out; a tooth gets cracked or broken, an accident or injury results in missing teeth or a sudden abscess are only a few examples. Fixing those problems cannot wait until next week or for a cancellation to open up an appointment slot. They must be corrected as soon as possible to restore the mouth, prevent any further damage, and reduce pain and discomfort. An issue in the mouth has a lasting effect on the overall health of patients. The absence of a filling left untreated, for example, can lead to a lot of pain, promote further decay of the tooth, and result in a gum infection.

An experienced dental practice with several dentists available, such as Hamilton Dental NJ, for example, has the capacity to deal with emergency dental care in Hamilton, NJ quickly. People do not have to wait several days to be seen. Every effort is made to accommodate emergency situations. Scheduled routine appointments can be postponed, dentists with vacant slots can take a patient in immediately, and those at other locations can fit in people who need emergency care. Many dentists, and a few different locations, make responding to urgent needs easier. Providing comprehensive dental services to people of all ages means larger practices can fix most dental problems. Whether the issue requires restorative, general, or cosmetic dentistry, the solution is available.

Facilities with the latest equipment and techniques can resolve emergency situations more efficiently that small general offices. A CEREC machine, for example, allows ceramic crowns to be fabricated in the dentist’s office within one hour. That will help with a broken tooth. A digital scan is taken of the tooth, and the crown is made on-site. That eliminates the need for molds, temporary crowns, and wait time for a crown to be made in a dental laboratory. The problem is fixed in one appointment rather than several. Missing teeth can be fixed with a mini implant that requires no sutures. Abscesses can be examined, and antibiotics prescribed before the infection spreads to more teeth. Being able to have emergency situations handled in the office means appointments are more affordable than having emergencies treated in an emergency room.

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