Advantages of Porcelain Inlays in Honolulu

by | May 21, 2018 | Dentist

Porcelain Inlays in Honolulu involve repairing and strengthening a tooth that is unfortunately obstructed or that has been attacked by decay. This solution is widely used for small infections in the teeth. The dental inlay replaces simple filling systems such as lead or other rubber-based composites

Why use dental inlays?

The dental inlay is much stronger than a crown or a partial filling of the tooth. Indeed, it will require less maintenance and will have a longer life. It is estimated that a dental encrustation can last between five and twenty years.

Also, this inlay helps limit damage to the tooth and prevents long-term root canal treatments that are quite painful. Finally, it is much more aesthetic and allows the person to obtain a beautifully-visual smile. The tooth is also much less sensitive to cold and heat.

Other possibilities can be considered, however, know that inlays are a perfect alternative. The prosthesis will be sent to the lab for construction but will be available between four and five days.

How much does an inlay cost?

This treatment may be covered by individual insurance policies. Porcelain Inlays in Honolulu, before being an aesthetic method, is considered a medical option. It is a little more expensive than a crown and sealant, but people must take into account the many advantages mentioned above.

An inlay will also depend on where in the mouth it is placed. It will be more expensive if placed at the front of the teeth. Also, individuals should note that the price of an inlay may vary depending on the dentist performing the procedure.

It will cost, on average, between $500 and $1000. If the teeth are visible, it is recommended a porcelain or resin inlay be placed, which will be white and slightly visible. Always ask a dentist what the best treatment for your situation is. Click Here for more details.

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