Advanced Dental Clinic in Mankato MN

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Dentist

Many advances have been made in dentistry as technology has advanced. Digital X rays, for example, provide a complete set of x rays of all teeth at one time. It is quick, efficient, and results in no discomfort for patients. Clear molded trays to straighten teeth is another example. Molds can be made at the dentist office, trays are custom made at the factory, and the patient changes trays every two weeks. There is no need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist; risk cavities and decay via metal bands affixed to teeth; or have wires and elastics changed frequently. Those advances can be found in just about every dentist office today.

There are newer advances that are not available everywhere. One reason is the initial expense for advanced equipment. Many smaller dentist offices do not have the resources, or the space, to accommodate the latest machinery. A CEREC 3D machine for example, allows porcelain crowns to be created in the dentist office. That means restoration can be completed in one visit. There are no outside laboratory fees, and no extra shipping costs. Dentists are trained by the manufacturer of the machine, and certified to operate it correctly. This technology is typically found in larger offices, like a Dental Clinic in Mankato MN. Laser dentistry is another advance in technology. Operating a laser for some procedures reduces bleeding, swelling, pain, and the possibility of scarring. It is also quicker and reduces the risk of infection to the site.

A 3D tooth scan is also available at a dental clinic in Mankato MN, as is drill less dentistry for some procedures. The advanced scanning capabilities drastically improve preventative, general, and restorative care. Cavities can be detected at an earlier stage, as well as root damage or soft teeth. In the event of soft teeth, for example, surface decay can be removed, and the teeth can be treated with a sealant. The teeth are protected from particles and bacteria, and should remain free from cavities with proper care and maintenance. Many people neglect the routine care of teeth because they become anxious over the pressure and noise of the traditional drilling required to fill cavities. Utilizing drill less procedures will alleviate that anxiety and encourage more preventative care. Some offices, such as Business Name, for example, provide several advanced technologies for the convenience and comfort of their patients.

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