About High Tech Dentists in Oyster Bay NY

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Dentistry

That whirring sound made hair curl and the waiting room was a two-hour ordeal of hard chairs, old magazines and that whirring sound of the dental drill. Dental visits were tension filled experiences. Fortunately, you may not remember having a glove-free dentist rummaging through your mouth. That’s because today’s dental office understands that improved patient comfort leads to better dental care. While their offices still provide Nitrous Oxide, Dentists in Oyster Bay NY embrace contemporary dentistry with comfortable waiting rooms and high-tech tools that ease you into treatments and boost oral health.

Dentists in Oyster Bay NY now use advanced technology to accomplish tasks that once meant painful drilling. Lasers have replaced drills, making fillings painless for most people while protecting the healthy portions of the tooth being filled. Where drills use friction and in doing so, generate heat, the laser shapes, cuts and etches tooth surfaces. The dentist can use the same laser on gums and bone, causing less bleeding than that of a scalpel. Laser treatments are gentle enough for children and babies, and all patients heal faster. Having removed much of the worry surrounding aftercare and the visit itself, the Locust Valley Dental Group extends patent comfort beyond the dentist’s chair.

Nothing controls pain like a relaxed mind, and the Locust Valley Dental Group supports your calm mindset as soon as you walk through their doors. The waiting room features high-tech comfort in a living room-like atmosphere with plush, leather chairs. Instead of clipboards and paper, patients check in with an iPad, and while you wait, you can take advantage of the office’s free wifi service. You can listen to your favorite DVD through noise canceling headphones, or watch premium cable programming during treatment. This setting can make dental visits less traumatic for people with dental phobias and children with special needs. When your appointment ends, your dentist explains future treatment plans.

Treatment plans can be complicated, and expense can be a concern. While caregivers traditionally expect to be paid at the end of your appointment, your dentist’s office staff will bill your insurance company and can provide information about financing and payment plans. It’s important to realize that regular dental care is as important as seeing your physician for check-ups and your dentist makes every effort to keep your care as stress-free as possible. When you are ready to experience high-tech dentistry, visit the website.

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